Rajasthan Tourism Provides Information about vibrant Rajasthani culture and welcoming people of Rajasthan. From the helpful Rajasthan tours guide to the camel driver in the Thar, everyone does their best to make you feel at home. Accommodation in the major cities ranges from star hotels in Rajasthan to modest guesthouses, so Indian travelers, no matter what their budgets, are welcome. In the more pastoral destinations , you can still enjoy a comfortable stay in a heritage mansion. And then there are the famed heritage hotels that combine 5 star hotels luxury with the traditional opulence that once belonged only to the royals and titled Rajput warriors. Rajasthan is still traditional in some ways - its economy is sustained on agriculture and cattle rearing. Rajasthan Tourism in recent years has given a boost to the economy of India in a major way. It is this old world charm that draws in tourists by the thousands to this vibrant state every year. You can enjoy some of the most diverse festivals and fairs, including Teej, Urs, and Pushkar. For those with spiritual inclinations , the temples at Mount Abu, and the mausoleum at Ajmer Sharif are always worth a visit.